Frankincense & Rose Petals - Naturally Nourishing Face & Body Mist

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Product Description

Our Face & Body Mists are fragranced with our high-quality soul essence-based essential oils. We've added the nutrient panthenol, a natural source of vitamin B5 and skin hydrator, creating a product that is actually food for your skin. Each misting is an aromatic adventure and Naturally Nourishing.

You can apply our Naturally Nourishing Face & Body Mists with confidence, knowing that you are using high quality components that are healthy for your skin. They can be worn under or over make-up, used as a pick-me-up spritz anytime of day, or as a whole body spray after bathing or before going to bed. Fabulous if kept in the refrigerator for a hot day skin refresher. Men enjoy these mists too!

About Our Frankincense Oil

Frankincense is an aromatic resin harvested from the secretions of the trees of the Boswellia family. This highly-prized resin has been traded in North Africa and Arabia for thousands of years. As an incense, it maintains a prominent position in religious ceremony all over the world.

This complex and intriguing essential oil is a valuable ingredient in skin care products, especially healing for mature, dry skin. Frankincense is uplifting and renown for improving spiritual connection and overcoming mental stress. Recent medical journals report that Frankincense smoke is a psychoactive drug that relieves depression and anxiety.

About Our Rose Oil

Hydro-distilled Rose Oil is the only rose oil recommended for use on the skin. In fact, it is highly recommended and has been used for thousands of years for its healing properties and nourishing abilities for dry, sensitive, mature and fragile skin.

In Symbology and Aromatherapy the Rose is considered to be the flower with the highest energy vibration and is universally known as the flower of love. It is a sacred symbol of the Goddess Aphrodite–The Goddess of Love, and the Egyptian Goddess Isis.

The fragrance of our Rose Otto is warm, immensely rich and complex, luxurious and soothing. It can awaken love in us, inspire romance, and serve as an aphrodisiac. For some, one delightful whiff can uplift the heart, strengthen the aura, balance and energize the chakras, bring clarity to an overstressed mind, restore a sense of well-being, lighten the spirit and bring warmth to the soul.

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