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Candidiasis or candida is a state of inner imbalance. It isn't a disease. It's a stress-related condition and/or a condition resulting from a compromised immune system. C. albicans, a common, normally harmless living fungal or yeast organism that thrives in the mouth, on the skin, and in the gastrointestinal tract and gential-urinary areas of the body isn't usually a problem as long as the body produces the bacteria flora needed to keep it in check. However, when the inner chemistry of the body becomes imbalanced and/or the immune system becomes weakened, the candida yeasts multiply too rapidly, voraciously feeding on excess sugar and carbohydrates in the digestive tract, thus causing a yeast infection – an infection that may remain isolated in the digestive tract or that may become systemic.

In her September, Your Health Teleclass, Carol discusses what you can do to minimize developing candida and what you can do to eliminate it if you do suffer from it. She also shares how simple things such as lifestyle changes, dietary changes, stress management, and emotional release work can greatly reduce the inner imbalance that causes candida. Carol talks talks about the hidden psychological meanings behind it, how it impacts the energy body, which chakras are involved, and the role personality plays in increasing the susceptibility of candida.

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