Chalcedony Iolite .925 Sterling Silver Pendant

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Product Description

  • Length: 1-3/4"
  • Width: 1-1/8"

7 Chakra Info

  • 7th-Crown Chakra-Violet-Amethyst-Energy Center for connection with Higher Self and the Divine
  • 6th-Third Eye Chakra-Indigo-Iolite-Energy Center for Intuition and Inner Wisdom
  • 5th-Throat Chakra-Blue-Blue Topaz-Energy Center for Self-Expression
  • 4th-Heart Chakra-Green -Peridot-Energy Center for Love and Self-Esteem
  • 3rd-Solar Plexus Chakra-Yellow-Citrine-Energy Center for Personal Power and Self-Confidence
  • 2nd-Sacral Chakra-Orange-Carnelian-Energy Center for Emotional Relationships and Interactions
  • 1st-Root Chakra-Red-Garnet-Energy Center for Self-Preservation and Security

Legal Disclaimer - Metaphysical properties of Crystals, Pearls, and Gems are for educational purposes only. No specific health claims are made. Alternative health practices may be used in addition to traditional medical treatment. Please consult with your health practitioner or medical doctor.

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