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Autism isn't a disease. It's a syndrome that's characterized by developmental disabilities. They can range from a mild form of autism, such as pervasive developmental disorder, (PDD), to the more severe form where there are profound language and social disabilities. It's also a syndrome that's increasing at an alarming rate. In fact, prior to 1990, two-thirds of the autistic children born were born with onset autism, meaning it developed during pregnancy or shortly after birth, and only one-third had regression autism, meaning it developed between the ages of 12-24 months. Now the trend is reversing where less than one-third are now autistic at birth and two-thirds are becoming autistic in their second year. And, it's no longer considered a male child syndrome as more and more girls are being diagnosed as autistic. So what's causing these changes?

If you have an autistic child or children, or know someone who does, I invite you to join me on my November, Your Health teleclass series, where I'll be discussing the topic of autism. However, I won't just be talking about autism from a clinical perspective I'll be talking about it from a metaphysical perspective, an energetic perspective, and a psychological perspective. I'll be discussing the connection between autism and savant qualities, and sharing a novel nutritional approach that's making a big difference in the treatment of autism.

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