Online Personality Assessment Group Packages

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Product Description

In the workplace the benefits that come from understanding personality include:

  • Resolving conflict more quickly, and minimizing power struggles.
  • Reducing the tension and stress that comes from working with people who have different perspectives, different styles, different beliefs and feelings, and different values.
  • Improving communication effectiveness.
  • Enhancing team productivity as an individual's potential can be better matched with job/task requirements.
  • Improving employee morale by creating an organization where people feel good about themselves, feel good about the job they do, and feel they're being heard and valued.
  • Cultivating strength-based leadership skills.
  • Conducting meetings more effectively and productively.

For students, the understanding of their personality color will enhance their self understanding and offer insight into their personality strengths so they can apply that knowledge in their personal relationships, in the planning of their careers, and in their professional development.

How the Process Works

When a package of online assessments is purchased, a group of coupon codes will be sent to the purchaser in the form of an email. The purchaser can then distribute these coupon codes to those taking the assessment. Each person, using their individual code, will have access to the online personality assessment which will identify their personality color: Red, Orange, Yellow or Green. They will also receive a description of their personality color and information on how to apply the understanding of personality to their personal and professional relationships. In addition, they'll receive two bonus reference guides. The first is the Personality Reference Guide on Resolving Conflict. This guide reveals the conflict triggers for each of the four personality colors and teaches how to handle conflict before it reaches the point of becoming a power struggle. The second is the Personality Reference Guide on Effective Communication. This guide offers the Dos and Don'ts when talking with each of the four personality colors and details how to get on the same wavelength faster and with less stress.

Redeeming a Coupon

To redeem your coupon code, please follow these steps

  • First, visit the following link:
  • Fill out the form with the required information. Note: Please accept the default Paypal payment option. After you enter and apply your coupon you will not be asked to provide payment.
  • Enter your coupon code in the Coupons section at the bottom of the page
  • Click Next and you're done. Your order confirmation will be displayed onscreen and you will be provided with a login link to the Personality Assessment.

Screenshots are provided below as a visual help guide.


Confirmation Sample

Terms & Conditions

  • Following the purchase of an online assessment pack, your Coupon Codes will be generated and emailed to you in a text file within 24 hours. Please allow 36 hours for purchases made during the weekends or on holidays.
  • An account is required to redeem a coupon code and access the assessment.
  • Coupon Codes expire after first use. Once a coupon has been used to gain access to the assessment, it can not be used again.
  • Refunds are not given for unused or unredeemed Coupon Codes