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Personality consists of both traits and characteristics, and when combined, they represent your personality type and reveal how your personality expresses itself in how you think, make decisions, and interact with other people. The traits aspect of personality reflects the inherent genetic coding which is responsible for determining the way the brain develops, and the mental functioning used to gather information, to process information, and to make decisions. Traits serve as the organizing principle which directly affects all aspects of your life: how you process information; why you act the way you do; the types of tasks you're drawn to and the tasks you avoid; the words you use to communicate; the people you're attracted to and the people you prefer to avoid; why you create the relationships you do and the expectations you bring into those relationships; how stress affects you, and the outward direction you'll take in life. Traits are the underlying contributors that influence how you view life, the values you develop, the beliefs you form and the attitudes you have toward life, and they are an integral part of the coping mechanisms you create that help you deal with the challenges that life presents you. Characteristics are the learned behavior and reflect your conditioning, other people's opinions and expectations. Characteristics we can change. Traits we can't as they're associated with our neurological hardwiring.

The Personality Color Indicator (PCI)™ identifies predominate personality traits as they define how you gather information, process information, and make decisions. The assessment will classify your mental processing into four colors categories: Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green. Colors are used to differentiate personality types only and aren't actually color preferences. Understanding your personality offers you the unique opportunity to discover who you really are and tap into your natural strengths and abilities. Learning more about your personality can increase your self-confidence, turn your strengths into assets, and help turn your inner potential into reality. Learning about other people's personalities can help you create mutually satisfying relationships whether they're relationships at home, work, with family and friends.

The Personality Color Indicators (PCI)™ are quality priced. The purpose of quantity packaging is so you can share the understanding to those who live, play and work together. After all, the better you understand your family, friends, work or business associates, fellow students, teachers or anyone whom you have a connection, the better the connection will become.