Confidence - What to Do When It Has Got Up and Gone (Download)

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Confidence - What to Do When It Has Got Up and Gone

Downloadable Event with Medical Intuitive and Esoteric Teacher Carol Ritberger, PhD.

Greek Philosopher Epictetus said, "It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters." How true, because how we react depends on our level of confidence. With confidence, we react fearlessly. Without confidence, we react fearfully.

What is confidence? It actually has two definitions: 1) a feeling of certainty and self-assurance, and 2) the act of trust or reliance. The first definition is the most widely accepted because we've been conditioned to think of confidence as being a feeling—a feeling that inspires us to be cool, calm, and at ease, and a feeling that leads us to believe that we'll perform well and achieve a positive outcome. However, the second definition really holds the true essence of confidence and the power behind it. Let me explain. Confidence is the psychological phenomenon that takes place when we fully trust that we can make something happen; when we commit to making something happen; when we take action to make it happen, and when we have the resiliency to persevere to make it happen no matter what obstacles are placed before us. Simply stated, "Confidence is an action, and action is what creates feelings. So when we act confidently, we feel confident."

If you would like to learn more about how to build your confidence and how to find it when it appears to have got up and gone, then you'll want to download this webinar. If you're feeling stuck, unmotivated, afraid, or not feeling equipped to move forward with confidence, then you'll want to download this webinar. If you get hooked into the, "I can't do it," or the "I'm not good enough story," or the "Why should I even try, trap", then you'll want to download this webinar. Why download this webinar?

Topics include:

  • Where to look for self-confidence in the brain
  • How to find self-confidence when it's got up and gone
  • The power of self-acceptance
  • How to change your relationship with failure, fear, and uncertainty
  • How to clarify your values and goals so you can act on them confidently
  • How to use discipline and willpower to overcome self-doubt
  • The ten rules for building and sustaining a self-confident you

Join me and delve into the world of self-confidence to learn some of the latest surprising brain research that reveals we're already hardwired for confidence. In this download I also disclose that the only difference between those who are confident and those who lack confidence can be found in the 3 A's: Aspirations, Assurance, and Action.

Light & Love,

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