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Download Carol's January 24th, 2013 Webinar - Unveiling the Soul

When life is viewed from our soul's perspective, we change, and all changes for us.

As the Year 2013 moves us deeper into enlightenment consciousness, the need to see our lives and our relationships from an entirely different perspective is required. No longer will the perspective of fear triumph nor will the thoughts of scarcity and limitations hold us back, for all they do is cause us to repeat unhealthy choices - choices that support our fears and insecurities and that cause us to succumb to obsessions, addictions, and negative habits. Unhealthy choices that are responsible for eroding the quality of our lives and for undermining the quality of our relationships, and choices that serve as the root source of illnesses are the result.

Instead, the energy of the year 2013 will renew, recharge and revitalize the connection with our soul so we're able to see ourselves, our lives, and our relationships from a new perspective - from our soul's perspective. From this perspective, everything changes because we change, and rather than seeing our lives as random experiences that just happen, we see that each experience has meaning and purpose, and that all experiences, even the less favorable ones, move us closer to finding and living our authentic selves.

The perspective of the soul sees beyond the veil that appears to separate us from the heavens and from the higher states of universal consciousness, because the soul knows there is no veil. It understands that the veil of separation is merely the creation of the mind and is a reflection of our self-judgments and the limitations they create. When we see ourselves, and all that is through the eyes of the soul, everything expands; our sense of self expands, what we're capable of achieving expands, our inner and outer worlds expand, and our consciousness expands. In addition, our imagination and creativity flourishes and flows freely, and we liberate ourselves from our past.

The benefits from such a shift of perception are that it stops the suffering created by our self-judgments. It allows our lives to unfold and blossom forth with grace and it moves us through life's challenges with a sense of confidence and a steadfastness of behavior guided by our soul's purpose. We're able to create healthy relationships and experience the intimacy and love those relationships offer. We realize that all experiences, whether positive or negative, are merely a part of the soul's journey, and that these experiences offer different opportunities for self-actualization. Perhaps the greatest benefit is our ability to touch our sacredness and see our spiritual nature, thus making it possible for us to gain a greater sense of our connectedness of all that exists.

Get a fascinating glimpse into the magical and mysterious world of the soul as Carol shares what she learned about who we are and why we're here from her near-death experience. In this webinar Carol shares how the other side and this side are the same and that the only difference is whether you're seeing from the perspective of your mind or from the perspective of your soul. Learn how to navigate around and break down the mental barriers that create the illusion of the veil. Learn how to transmute self-judgment through self-acceptance and how to transcend physical limitations of the human mind.

In this webinar, you'll gain insight into:

  • What the soul is and is not
  • The anatomy of the soul
  • How the soul manifests itself, and its purpose and desires
  • How the soul expresses itself
  • The seven stages in the soul's evolutionary process
  • Enlightenment consciousness and how it changes everything
  • How to change the mental barriers and emotional blocks that create the veil
  • Soul fragmentation, and how to use past life regression and soul retrieval to create wholeness
  • How to care for the soul

How do you know if this webinar is right for you?

  • You're asking yourself, "Who Am I? Why am I here? Why are we here? What is the purpose of life?"
  • You're feeling alone even though you have people around you.
  • You feel lost and stuck.
  • You desire change in your life, but don't know where to start.
  • You have this inner knowing that there's something big that's happening, and you want to be a part of it.
  • You want to make adifference in the lives of other people.
  • You no longer desire fear to rule your life.

Celebrate the Year of the Soul with this intimate and insightful journey into the part of you are which is greater than you can ever imagine.

Light & Love,
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