Conflict - What Color Is Your Personality Booklet

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The root of conflict is compromise and when someone feels compromised then the potential for a power struggle increases significantly. In the case of power struggles, no one ever really wins. However, understanding the differences in personality colors can change all of that because you'll learn that most conflict boils down how information is gathered and acted upon.

The What Color Is Your Personality booklet is an excellent reference guide when you find yourself dealing with different personality colors. By applying the information it provides you can see what irritates the Red, Orange, Yellow and Green personalities and how they'll react emotionally when they feel compromised as well as ways to prevent conflict. You'll learn about each color's basic needs, emotional needs, key strengths, key weaknesses, and what causes them stress. Then in addition to this valuable information, you'll receive the Personality Color Indicator PCI which will enable you to identify your unique personality color and apply that understanding to the information contained in the booklet.

The booklet is sold, five to a package, along with ten Personality Color Indicators PCI. The purpose of the quantity packaging is that the information provided is intended to be understood and shared by those who live, play, and work together.