Teambuilding - What Color Is Your Personality Booklet

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Product Description

First and foremost is how to deal with personality differences. Confronting obstacles, solving problems, and assimilating change can strengthen the organization if everyone understands that people want to contribute and they want to feel good about those contributions. However, not everyone contributes the same way. Creating high performance teams begins with understanding what each individual brings to the table and what motivates them. The focus then becomes how to manage issues rather than allowing differences to impact productivity.

The Teambuilding booklet is an excellent reference guide when you find yourself having to manage and deal with different personality colors. The goal of the information in this booklet is to help you understand the uniqueness, strengths, weaknesses, and complementary elements of the four personality colors Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green. Using this information, you'll be able to better harness the potential of any team that you may have the opportunity to create, direct, or be a part of. The rewards will speak for themselves, and the satisfaction of the achievement will have you basking in the light of your team's success. Then in addition to this valuable information, you'll receive the Personality Color Indicator PCI ™ which will enable you to identify your unique personality color and apply that understanding to the information contained in the booklet.

The booklet is sold, five to a package, along with ten Personality Color Indicators PCI™. The purpose of the quantity packaging is that the information provided is intended to be understood and shared by those who live, play, and work together. After all, teams don't just occur in the workplace. Every home, social, community, church or educational group requires productive teamwork.