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Over 50 million Americans suffer from chronic headaches and approximately 28 million of them suffer from migraine headaches. While headaches tend to be straightforward in the symptoms they create, treating them is not as straightforward. The reason for this is two-fold: 1) many doctors still think that headaches are psychological rather than physiological, so they dismiss many of the things that people say, and 2) headaches don't fit in a neat tidy diagnosis box. It appears that there are as many different headache pathologies as there are people who suffer from them.

As a medical intuitive, I see headaches originating in the solar plexus and lower abdomen, or in the 3rd and 2nd chakra, and unlike how I see many illnesses, which tend to be psychological first and biological second, headaches are the opposite. They are biological in their origin. I have found this applies to all headaches, from stress headaches to sinus headaches, from tension headaches to allergy related headaches, and from cluster headaches to migraine headaches. What this means is that in order to treat headaches, then the biological triggers that cause them must be eliminated.

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