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Nobel prizewinner, Peter Medawar describes the Herpes viruses as "pieces of bad news wrapped in protein", and bad news they are because of the unique biological means by which they survive and thrive. The problem with viruses is that they aren't living, so that means they can't be killed in the traditional sense with the use antibiotics. Even though antibiotics are effective in treating bacterial infections, they're absolutely useless when it comes to viruses. So how do you kill viruses? You starve them by keeping the body alkaline. This means avoiding sugar and simple carbohydrates. You starve them by getting adequate rest and managing stress. You starve them by releasing negative thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and attitudes that cause the body to stay in a state of mental and emotional distress. Or, you can use antiviral drugs that prevent the virus from replicating itself in other living cells.

In her January 2012, Your Health Teleclass, Carol discusses how things such as lifestyle changes, dietary changes, stress management, guided imagery, hypnotherapy, energy balancing, and emotional release work can help heal herpes and insure that it doesn't continue to replicate itself. Carol also shares the hidden psychological meanings behind the nature of herpes, and how as a medical intuitive she sees it in the energy body. Carol discusses which chakras are involved and the role personality plays in increasing the susceptibility to developing it. Carol also explains both conventional medicine treatment options and alternative therapies that work well in the treatment of herpes.

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