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Interestingly, cholesterol is an essential part of every cell structure and is needed for proper brain and nerve function. It's also the basis for the manufacturing of sex hormones. So, if cholesterol is so essential to the body, what causes it to become so bad, and why does it increase the risk of heart disease?

If you, a loved one or a friend has been diagnosed with high cholesterol, then I encourage you to purchase and download my April 2011 Your Health teleclass on High Cholesterol, where I discuss how you can manage this problem without necessarily having to resort to taking cholesterol lowering medications. I also talk about the potential contributors that even many doctors don't know increase cholesterol levels, as well as the hidden psychological meanings behind it, how it impacts the energy body, which chakras are involved, and the role personality plays in increasing the potential for high cholesterol. I also present alternative choices that can help you manage or eliminate high cholesterol within this teleclass.

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