2015: The Year of Divine Appreciation (Download)

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2015: The Year of Divine Appreciation
Downloadable Event with Medical Intuitive and Esoteric Teacher Carol Ritberger, PhD.

The year of 2014 focused on quality of life and on healing on a higher level. The activities of the year encouraged our taking an observer role so we could become aware of what in our lives; jobs, fears, relationships, and self-perceptions were undermining and robbing us of both quality of life and good health. It was a year of extreme contrasts. Things were either really good or really bad. We felt in sync with ourselves or found that we were unable to get out of our own way. There was clarity in what we needed to do, or there was confusion around what we should do. No gray area about what was working and what wasn't. It was a year of closure, contrast and challenges.

2015 - The Year of Divine Appreciation is a contrast to last year. Rather than being an observer of our lives, this year will be about being engaged in our lives, so we can experience the fullness life offers. This is an action year. It's about making the changes needed in order for us to live a richly satisfying life. 2015 will be a busy year, yet not so busy that we'll forget to take time to breathe and to enjoy the many gifts of life. This year focuses on living a heartful life. A life where the sanctuary of heart turns every experience into a sacred act—a sacred act that nurtures the soul.

The energy of 2015 supports focusing on what's good, rather than fixating on what's bad in our lives. It's all about being aware of the subtle miracles that occur on a daily basis. It's about appreciating the beauty of nature and taking the time to let its healing energy surround us and penetrate every cell of our being. The consciousness embodied in Divine Appreciation encourages us to let the wisdom of our heart guide our thoughts and actions, so we can experience a spiritual evolution rather than a personal revolution. A personal revolution where we find we are fighting ourselves, and acting more as spectators of our lives rather than creators of our lives.

In this downloadable event, you'll learn what Divine Appreciation really is. You'll learn how this form of spiritual living serves as a springboard inspiring you to look for the things in your life that you're grateful for. Discover the many gifts that Divine Appreciation offers. Gifts such as learning how to slow the pace of life so you can notice and savor the blessings and beauty found in the ordinary. Learn how practicing Divine Appreciation shifts the focus of the mind from the past and the future, to being in the present moment, and discover how being in the moment makes it possible to see the sacredness and the extraordinary in all circumstances and experiences, no matter how difficult or challenging the mind believes them to be.

Downloadable event topics include:

  • Divine Appreciation: A New Way of Looking at Life
  • Divine Appreciation: Your Soul's Inner Guidance System
  • Divine Appreciation: Heartful Living
  • Divine Appreciation: How it Changes the Choices You Make
  • Divine Appreciation: A Tool to Improve Your Health, Your Relationships, and Your Life

If what you've been doing and thinking isn't working, then it's time to change your approach. It's time to move from the mind running your life to letting your heart guide your life. It's time to learn how to practice and live Divine Appreciation. Join me and I will show you how.

Together let's celebrate the life of Divine Appreciation.

Light & Love,

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