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Being human isn't easy. Mainly because the demands of life and the challenges it presents, for the most part, distract us from remembering who we really are-energetic beings having a physical experience. Consequently we live our lives within the limitations of our physicality, and unknowingly condition our minds to accept these limitations as if they're real. However, what if we were to shift that perception and see ourselves from an energetic perspective? Oh my! How this would change who we are, how we act, who we become, what we're capable of achieving, what we actually accomplish, how we heal, and how we view our human experiences. Life would take on new meaning as it would be viewed as a magnificent journey lead by a uniquely magnificent being-you.

As energy beings, we're free of human limitations. We're dynamically expansive, and energetically connected to all that exists by invisible threads of light-threads of light that aid in our individual and collective spiritual evolution of consciousness. Our energetic nature makes it possible for us to transcend the repetitive behavioral patterns reflective of our human fears and insecurities. In doing so, we're able to rise above them and experience a new way of seeing and living. Rather than wasting the energy lamenting about all of the unfortunate and bad things that happen to us, we can learn to see those experiences merely as opportunities to reconnect to our energetic selves.

Regarding these energy updates, they're the result of many of you asking me if I would share from time-to-time what's happening energetically, so it can help you understand why you're experiencing the things you are, in the physical world. Things that no matter how hard you try to make sense of your logical mind just can't seem to wrap itself around them. So as shifts in energy take place or energetic attunements happen, I will be offering these updates in my Carol's Musings. The intention behind sharing this information is so you can understand on a different level of knowing why you're feeling the way you are and/or behaving the way you are. Most important, this information is to help you see what's happening physically, mentally and emotionally through the lens of your energetic eyes, rather than through the inhibitors of your humanness.

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