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Over 500,000 Americans suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, a progressive central nervous system disease in which the myelin sheathing protecting the nerves become damaged causing chronic pain, weakness in the muscles, and even tremors.

Multiple Sclerosis is caused by an immune system that for unknown reasons attacks itself. However, there appears to be a strong connection between MS and the herpes and Epstein Barr viruses. There is also a strong connection between MS and food allergies, and in fact, dealing with and eliminating food allergies is one of the suggested treatments.

Many of you suggested a teleclass on Multiple Sclerosis. As a matter of fact, MS was one of the top five requested topics. So we listened and will offering this as our August Your Health teleclass topic.

If you, a loved one, or a friend suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, I invite you to join me as I share the hidden psychological meanings behind it, how it looks in the energy field, how to map it in the chakra system, and share the important role personality plays in increasing or decreasing the susceptibility to developing MS.

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