Sacred Words - Soul Codes - Love

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Ah love!!! The very word stirs within us that deepest, most elusive and misunderstood of all of human emotions. The presence of love in our lives puts a smile on our face and a bounce in our step. It ignites a passion in our heart that drives us to want more of it, desire more of it, crave more of it, and need more of it. It’s the human aphrodisiac that’s continually enticing us to want to partake in it. Love’s the precious opportunity life offers to help us learn more about who we really are.
Love is binary. With love we’re happy. We feel content, complete, safe, and secure. Without love we feel empty, dissatisfied, disconnected, and struggle with feelings of not belonging. Love overcomes the fear of abandonment, and banishes any beliefs we may have around not being loveable. Its energy offers a sense of self that’s confident. It liberates us from our insecurities. It let’s us experience what it’s like to not be afraid of being who we really are.

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