Sacred Words - Soul Codes - Tenderness

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The gift of Springtime is that it shifts our focus to new beginnings. It heightens our awareness of the gentle, loving way Mother Earth cares for all that exists. Like the new tender shoots emerging from the dark, cold soil, Mother Earth bathes our souls with the sun’s warmth. She caresses us with her tenderness. She provides the fertile ground for new thoughts to emerge, grow, and flourish. Her showers provide the much-needed moisture to ensure those thoughts will take hold and produce our desired outcomes. Springtime reminds us that this is the time of the partnership between the head, the heart, and the soul. It reminds us that we’ll unearth a deep spiritual understanding of the meaning of life through tenderness.

The dictionary defines tenderness as gentleness and kindness. It’s an expression of love, caring, and affection. It’s the gentle way we touch someone, and it’s the words we use to express the deep heartfelt connection we feel with someone. Tenderness is a feeling of concern, sensitivity, and warmth. It’s thoughtfulness in action. It’s doing without expectations. It’s the desire to soothe and comfort.
Tenderness is an expression of being tender-hearted. It’s a quality of the heart that causes us to cry when we see someone get hurt or want to help someone helpless. Tenderness inspires us to carefully and gently pick up a tiny animal who’s distressed and console it so it can feel safe and loved. Tenderness lets it know it’s okay, and we will help it. It’s the motivation behind wanting to give someone, even a total stranger, a smile or a hug or a kind word when they need it. Tenderness is a selfless act of big-heartedness.
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