Sacred Words - Soul Codes - Truth

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Truth is one of those words that's tricky to define. That's because one person's truth may not necessarily be another's. If we were to explore the word truth, we would find that even truth has a duality. There are Human Truths. These are the truths we believe to be accurate and that our mind uses to govern how we live our lives. These truths are created from parental influence, others' opinions, and conditioning. Human Truths include the ego's truth, the mind's truth, conditioning truth, and cultural truth. Then there are political, societal, social-economic, and religious truths. Each of these truths is linear in its creation, expectations, and limitations. All have their opposites. Ours and others. Truth and Falsities.

Then there are Cosmic Truths. These truths surface in our consciousness as we become dismayed with human truths. The search for the Cosmic Truths begins when we awaken to the realization that perhaps there are other truths. An enlightened truth. An ultimate truth. A Divine truth. The Truth of the Light. A perennial truth revealed in the sacred teachings of all ages. Truths that explain our connection to all that exists, the meaning of life, the purpose of life, and the sustainability of life. These truths are non-linear. They have no opposites other than the opposites our minds choose to create and attach to them.

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