Sacred Words - Soul Codes - Union

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There lies within us an invisible wholeness. This wholeness is our Soul, and while physically not visible, it’s the purest part of who we are. It’s our spiritual essence and is what oversees, directs, and guides us in our daily lives. Its purpose is imprinted in every cell of our being, and the union it forms with our physical body creates a sacred vessel for our inner self to merge with our outer self.
Union is a state of being that’s absolute, genuine, unimpaired, natural, unbridled, self-actualized, courageous, and resilient. It’s the perfection of imperfection. It’s Oneness. It keeps us grounded while being spiritual in perspective. It acknowledges the opposites within us while allowing them to co-exist and interact.
Union heals the confusion we feel when we find our head and heart at odds. It heals the loneliness we feel when we experience not belonging. It empowers us to stay the course when there seems to be so much resistance blocking our efforts. It comforts us emotionally when we experience loss, and union heals the hurts and traumas that are a part of being human. It wards off feelings of defeat, despair, dread, and disappointment.
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