Sacred Words - Soul Codes - Wholeness

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Wholeness doesn’t mean perfection, and it doesn’t even mean complete. It means entirety. Wholeness is the dynamic interaction, change, development, expansion, and evolution process. The perception of wholeness offers a visual portrayal of how the process of evolution consists of cycles, flows, highs, and lows and how all evolutionary qualities come back full circle into its wholeness.

The sacred space of wholeness keeps our spiritual nature grounded in our physical self. It allows us to observe life’s profound simplicity yet elegance. It offers an expansive view of what’s possible. It inspires us to seek clarity of what we desire and then to take deliberate action as wholeness ensures the manifestation of those desires. Wholeness unveils our inner potential and encourages us to expand our horizons and try new things. In doing so, our potential finds physical expression and becomes a reality. The inner is manifested in the outer, and the outer is manifested in the inner. This is the flow of wholeness.

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